Friday, November 6, 2009

The decision had to be made

Friday miscellany:

1. I like passive voice.  It used to bother me, but now I find it charming, especially when used in an attempt to evade responsibility for something, as here:
I've already used it on my kids a few times.  "I'm sorry Sebby, but the decision had to be made."

2. This speaks for itself, I believe:
Words to live by!

3. From now on I plan to end all correspondence with the words "Goodbye Forever."

4. You've seen the grocery store musical?  And the food court musical?  Here's a new one (my favorite!).  I love the work of these guys.  It just doesn't get old to me.  I think because it's never mean-spirited like some of those hidden camera, try-to-embarrass-people things you see.

Goodbye forever.


  1. I haven't seen any of those videos--never even heard of the group. Hilarious. My kind of humor: clean with a beat.

  2. I've never seen any of these, either.
    Thanks for dinner and fun last night. We had a great time!
    Although, Joel couldn't seem to find your bathroom so he really had to go by the time we got home. Maybe you could put signs out for him next time: bathroom this way, candles are not for human consumption, etc.

  3. Does it work to tell your kid the decision had to be made? If so, I'm in. Sophie asked for a sparkler candle today and I said, "I'm sorry, I left them for the Nielsons" and Rob chimed in "except for the one that went home with what's-his-name." "Joel," I replied.

  4. Ah, I feel better now. My friend Rachel has been doing all these brave and creative things, but the shot of the frogs has set me right. I'm going to watch the new musical.

    Know what I love about this post? Everything. It's like that woman who does the sand story telling - have you seen her? Her hands move so quickly, playing with the light and the sand to make pictures that are so deftly done, it's magical. Something you did with language this time was just like it. I love it when you do that.

    Goodbye forever. How Victorian. I sigh.

    (my security word is "deletr." Hardly characteristic.

  5. I just watched it, and now I'm crying. Murphy's not here. He was the guy who always showed me these things. We used to sit on the couch and go through them for hours - Char and Murphy and I. Oh, now I am so sad, and that's ironic, because the lunch thing had me yearning to stand up and just sing, "ME TOO!!"

  6. You always find the best clips. Does this group really sing in a random place? Do those other people have any idea what is going on? Is that a rookie question?

    Love it.

  7. K---you miss your boy! I'm sorry. I like the idea of him showing you things like this and you watching them together. He must be a good son (I hardly remember him, only as a small floppy-haired boy in the background at band concerts, etc.)

    Jena---yes, they are a group called Improv Everywhere that thinks of things like this and carries them out. The "audience" is not in on it. Their skits are not always musical, but usually pretty funny. You can look at more of their "missions" on their website (google Improv Everywhere)