Random Thoughts

--Some time ago I saw a Halloween flag (banner?) flying at half-mast.  What does it mean??!

--Being surprised about the weather is sort of a thing of the past, isn't it?  Because of the pervasiveness of the forecast (phones, etc.)?  Don't you kind of miss waking up to a totally unexpected snowfall?

--Having kids often just gives me an excuse to do the things I would have wanted to do anyway, e.g., keep to myself at parties, leave meetings early, keep refilling my plate at the dessert table, etc.

--I read about a baseball player whose kids' initials spell out his last name ("Barajas," I believe it was---I'm sure you read it on Laura's post, Melissa!) and became nostalgic for the days when our kids' initials spelled "ASM."  "SAM," I mean.  My determined brain has spent an inordinate amount (unauthorized by my consciousness, I might add---who's in charge here, anyway?)  of time trying to see what all of us could spell now.
  • Damms SJ (an independent South Jordan engineering company, specializing in dams, of course)
  • Ms. Dajsm
  • Ms. Jadsm
  • Sad jmms (the jams are sad because they were spelled "jmms")
  • Jams MDs (What it does when I take all 5 children in for a checkup)
  • Ms. Sam, JD (I really ought to get a law degree)
  • Or, if we are creative with our directionality, perhaps a message to the Social Security Administration: "WWJD, SSA?"

--I really hate the way most people sing the National Anthem.  Not YOU---I mean, not you normal audience singers, but the "soloists."  I also hate the way people clap and whistle when they hit their (inaccurate, unjustified) high notes.

--Niels Bohr said, "The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement.  But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth."  What do you think of that?  I think it applies to much of the seeming "paradox" in the gospel.  (Sam and I always look for paradox when preparing to teach something---as we were taught by my uncle and my dad, both physicists---so we have considered this often.)  Justice and mercy, to take the most obvious example.  I also think that someday these apparent contradictions will become clearly compatible, not contradictory at all, under the light of our greater understanding.
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