Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hot and Cool

On our way to the coast we drove through Portland and decided to stop at the Rose Gardens since we were too early to check into our rental house. I had been here on other visits, but never during June, which is prime time for roses! So of course we stopped. But it was SO crowded, and SO hot, and there was some sort of loud Gay Pride concert going on…so I'm not sure we got the very most we could out of the experience. Unless you count seeing people in…interesting…costumes as part of the experience…which maybe, in Portland, it is. Ha. Mostly all we could think about was where the next patch of shade was going to be, and how soon we could get into it and collapse. It was 105 degrees outside!!

Still. Roses! Millions of roses everywhere! So at least I enjoyed it, and my long-suffering children have learned to be good sports over all these years of me dragging them to botanical gardens and demanding that they enjoy the beautiful flowers. 
Look at all those hot rosy cheeks! Poor things.
Junie had put on her rose dress that morning specially for the occasion (after I informed her that Portland was the "city of roses"). She was hoping to be camouflaged in the roses "like a chameleon," she said. And indeed. You can hardly find her in this picture, right?
Whole hillsides full of roses! It's really such a lovely place.
These poor, hot boys. They plastered on smiles for the next picture, but this one is more true-to-life.
Teddy was surprisingly good natured, though! After hearing the girls saying, "Take a picture of me with these pink ones! Take a picture of me with these orange ones!" over and over, he asked me to "Take me a picture of GREEEEEN, Mommy!" (That's been his favorite color since before he ought to  have even known about favorite colors—I guess here he was meaning these green leaves?)
He got all rosy-cheeked too.

I loved this variety because the blooms changed so much over their…life cycle? You can see the bright orangish bud, opening to yellow, and then fading to a sort of peachy white as they got older! So interesting.

Well. When we'd had all we could stand of the roses, we climbed back in the car (SO grateful for our working air conditioning) and drove that beautiful drive from Portland to the coast.

As we passed through Tillamook, it was a lovely 75°, and we could see misty clouds massing over the green mountains. And as we drove toward and into them, it was like driving into another continent or something! We could hardly believe this was the same day or the same state. It was cloudy and grey and COOL. So wonderfully cool. When I checked the temperature again it was 55 °!

It felt so, so nice. We walked on the beach that evening after getting settled in our house, and some of the kids were even shivering a bit, but I just felt like I could enjoy the cool air forever!
Junie got all curly and windblown
We met some guys catching crabs in crab traps, which was interesting to watch. This guy let Junie throw one of his crabs (an unacceptable one, I guess) back into the water. (She wound up with her arm way over her head, and then with a mighty heave, threw the crab…about 2 feet away from her. Ha ha.)
The sun even peeked out on the distant mountains across the bay, making them look so bright and green. It was beautiful!

Silver Falls, revisited

We didn't want to miss Silver Falls State Park while we were in Oregon (that's the trouble with having loved our trip so much last time…I'm sure there is tons of other great stuff to see and do, but we couldn't bear to miss any of our previous favorites either!) so even in the 100-degree weather, we hiked (or walked, really…they aren't hard hikes) to a few of the prettiest waterfalls. I love North and South Falls because you can go behind them, but Upper North Falls was really beautiful too. These pictures probably all look exactly the same as all the pictures I took three years ago…except for the growing children of course…but Sam and Sebastian were sure that more boulders had fallen since last time at North Falls. I can't tell from the pictures. Anyway, to ME every picture is still needed because each reminds me of a different landmark on those green, green forest trails that I love so much. I think, much as I love my desert home, there must be something in my blood that craves these abundant forests. Through my Oregonian mother, no doubt!
South Falls
Behind and looking through South Falls—I love this view!
Daisies above South Falls
When we hike or go somewhere where there are cliffs and/or rivers to fall off of and into, we usually assign each little girl to one of the big boys. It's cute to see them hiking and playing made-up games together, and it relieves my mind because I can't hold so many little hands! Here's Abe and Junie.
Seb and Goldie
Mossy wall
The light was so intensely green here as the sun bounced off the ferns and filled the shadows! I tried to show it in the pictures, but…
it was just hard to capture such a large dynamic range! Still…you can see how green everybody's skin looks.
On such a blazing hot day, it felt especially cool and nice in these little drippy caves under the waterfalls.
Teddy was a good little hiker…mostly.
Everybody always wants to hike with Teddy. He is the best person to have conversations with!
Everybody waiting for…me.
Teddy fell asleep in the car and everyone else was hot and tired, so Abe and Seb and I just quickly zipped up to Upper North Falls (some of us zippier than others, I admit) while the rest of the family waited for us. It was such a beautiful trail! (Like every other trail in this park.)
I was quite taken with this welcoming monkey tree. Can you see him?
There, that's better.
There was a cool flat area in front of this waterfall where you could wade across. Kids were splashing in it and I was quite tempted to do so myself! I loved the leafy cliff on the right side of the falls, too.