Corona del Mar Tide Pools

Going to the tide pools is always one of my favorite things to do. I love this beach where we usually go, and I like exploring around the rocky places, and finding tiny hermit crabs, and seeing the kids clamber around, and watching Sam try to decide if he should drop the crab he's trying to catch, or the baby he's holding. (He always chooses to save the baby, good man.)

And it was so beautiful outside the night that we went! The light was amazing. So that made everything even better.
Abe was the hero of the day, because he managed to catch not just one, but TWO real crabs (I know hermit crabs are real too...but I mean he caught two of the BIGGER crabs) so we could put them in our buckets and look at them! This is Sam's lifelong goal, and Abe brought it to fruition. Good job, Abe.

We put the two big crabs in the same pail for awhile and the littler one kept trying to grab the bigger one. Crabs are cute.
Tiny hermit crab!
I loved the way the waves kept splashing up over these rocks! The boys all got soaked, of course, but what's a trip to the tide pools without getting soaked?
So beautiful!
Teddy had to sit by himself on the rocks for awhile because he kept screaming. It was a good chance to take his picture.
After a few minutes he forgot he was being punished and started smiling at me.
We let the crabs go after we'd watched them for awhile. That made Teddy VERY NERVOUS, but he still watched them intently.
Goldie followed them all the way along the sand back to the water.
Did I mention how pretty the light was?! It got more and more golden as the sun went down.
Golden Goldie.
Junie's beach treasures
Boys in noble poses
Some people were getting married! Or pretending to.
A flock of pelicans flew by.
And afterwards we were cold and hungry, and we stopped at Ruby's for hamburgers and the best salted caramel shake I've ever had. Such a great day!


  1. Oh I miss the ocean! Once, years ago during our first GA trip, we caught a bunch of crabs. We were going to take them up the beach and release them and bet on them and watch them race madly back to the ocean, but perhaps we kept them in the pail too long as, when we dumped them out, they just sat there -- stunned and motionless. We had to prod and encourage them SLOWLY down every speck of that beach to the ocean. Rather disappointing.

  2. Hahaha. Yes, I was pleasantly surprised when these crabs started grabbing at each other, since always before when I've seen crabs they've seemed quite...boring. I wonder if there are different kinds in Georgia? There are probably 600 different species or something, for all I know.

    1. Your crabs do look very different color-wise from our GA crabs! I don't recall any of that speckling.


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