You probably know Easter is my favorite holiday. And this year's Easter was extra good because we had beautiful weather AND General Conference. It was almost too much goodness on one day! The girls still wanted matching dresses (every year I wonder if this is the last year they'll like it?), the daffodils were in full bloom, and the flowering pear blossoms, which had been hesitating, decided to open up just for the occasion.
We haven't managed to find time for dyeing Easter eggs for the last few years now (those days before Easter always seem to be so busy!) but the kids love it, so they were very pleased to help get out the food coloring and measure out the drops this time. I think the eggs turned out quite beautifully!
And then we had real eggs for our traditional backyard egg hunt!
Much to my joy, (most of) the older boys consented to join the egg hunt. That made everyone else extra excited and happy too.
Look high and look low!
Gus found a big basketball-egg.
It wasn't cold. Ziggy just always wants to wear his coat.
Also, his pants are too big so he was constantly pulling them up.
Speaking of ill-fitting clothing, I do wish for the sake of these pictures that Gus was dressed in some adorable Easter outfit featuring bunnies, like he was last year (look at that tiny wee thing!). But the truth is…this is much closer to what he looks like most days. For some reason every time anyone puts pants on him they end up falling (or being taken!) off, or else the snaps of his onesies are flapping open indecently. So here he is in all his frog shirt, diaper, squishy-legged glory. He didn't seem to mind the hard ground or the poky grass on his bare feet. He was just happy to be running around outside with everyone else.
Oh, Goldie. She always runs towards me like she's Millie in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" singing Wonderful, Wonderful Day. "You came out of nowhere; walking through the door, looking straight my way…"
Malachi taking the opportunity for a moment of meditation.
Gussie got some bubbles in his Easter basket and all his siblings were only too willing to entertain him with them.
I like the way he makes sympathetic blowing motions with his lips.
Of course we brought Nutmeg outside to hunt for eggs with us. It was only right that he enjoy the beautiful weather! You can see Gussie watching eagerly for his chance to grab the bunny…
…which came soon enough! Nutmeg is such a patient bunny. He lets Gus catch him sometimes and stroke him a bit. But he is quite capable of getting away when he wants to!
So Gus spent most of his time very happily chasing after the just-out-of-reach bunny. Look at those chubby little legs run!
This does not bode well. Luckily the hose was not hooked up to the water.
What on earth is Goldie doing back there?
Well, all in all—eggs, bunnies, dresses, conference, and chubby legs—it was a very nice day.

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