Botts' Dots, and other random California things

We were quite excited to find so many Botts' Dots in California. You know we keep up on these sorts of things. (Although this news was a bit disturbing!) Sebby found half of a broken Botts' Dot in a parking lot and kept it as a souvenir. Wonderful boy.
Bougainvillea! (Goodness, that's hard to spell.)
Monarch caterpillars in Philip and Allison's yard

Since Sam had one paid for, we stayed with him at a hotel for two nights. The kids always love that.
We flew kites one windy day. Philip did quite a bit of doctoring to get them working. But then they stayed up for a long time!
Malachi with some guy's Lamborghini that was parked by a playground we were playing at. The car owner saw Ky eyeing it and volunteered to take this picture for him. Who ARE all these kind Lamborghini owners?? I would never have expected it.
These orange balloons made Junie's birthday the best ever. And Allison made a dinner full of her favorite orange-colored foods, too. So great.
Birthday lemon bars!
One of many parks we played and picnicked at
Cozy Teddy in the pack-n-play
Adam and Daniel in their tiger and leopard suits
We had a fun Saturday evening at Irvine Regional Park. 
Goldie, being a monster.
Teddy spent most of his time running up and down this hill.
There were wild parrots flying around and screeching!
This gulley was a nice wild place to explore. The twins were quite worried about potential owls.
Teddy time-out. Poor, poor little man.
This was a pretty wetland area we walked by on Sunday evening.
We saw several little bunnies hopping around! I wanted to get closer to this one, so I talked to him and told him I was a friend of Nutmeg, King of the Bunnies. He seemed impressed.
So he let me get right up close to him, and we walked together for a while! I'd get about this close, and then he'd hop forward and wait for me to catch up, and then hop a few feet ahead again. It was a pleasant little bunny walk!

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  1. Oh those twins in wild cat suits!! The cutest! And kite flying and orange birthday everything and Teddy sucking his thumb. It all reminds me that the miserable or just hard work parts of trips really all just sifts away leaving these perfect parts!


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