We took a Sunday walk at the place Philip and Allison call "Bunnyhenge" in Newport Beach. I love places like this—well, the bunnies, obviously, but I also just like walking around parks and open spaces in unfamiliar places. It feels like you're living an alternate life somehow. Even the air smells different.
The coveted "holding Philip's hand" spots were always full.
The "holding Daddy's hand" spot remains popular too, of course.

Abe, no doubt being initiated into some sacred bunny rite. You can see the ocean off there in the distance!
In a stunning coincidence, the ratio of persons to bunnies in our group was exactly 1:1! We took advantage of that and managed to get exactly one person to sit on each bunny for about .75 seconds. Plenty of time for me to snap this blurry picture of half of us. It was great while it lasted!
There were some exotic (to me) flowers around. I love these bright red ones that grow on trees! Allison probably knows their name.
Junie and Adam, overlooking
There were various abstract sculptures around. When we saw this one, I surmised that it would be titled "Ball." (It turned out to be "Sphere #17" or something like that.)
So many cute bunny people!
To our great delight, we also saw a few REAL bunnies hopping around as the sun set. They come here on pilgrimages, no doubt.
The longest picnic table in the world!
Goodbye, bunnies!


  1. What a joyful place to visit!!

    Any chance you're willing to give advice for how to find it? My family is headed back to So. Cal. for a family wedding soon, and it would be so fun to take my crew to see Bunnyhenge. :) My husband and I (So. Cal. natives) have never heard of it.

  2. Never mind. I just read the first line of your post again, and see that it is in Newport Beach--where the wedding will be. :)

    1. Oh good! I hope you can go there! I think it is called "Newport Beach Civic Center." Say hi to those bunnies for me! :)


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