Beach days

I was afraid it would be too chilly to do much swimming at the beach. But it was totally fine! I mean, not for ME…but it was lovely to just sit outside and watch the children play in the water…or let some of them go out by themselves while some of us stayed in with nappers. We had some sunny days and some more misty, but it didn't ever feel COLD in the afternoons. So, it was great. "A beach is a beach, but an Oregon beach…ah!" as Mr. Elton would say.
I liked to go out running by the water (hahaha, actually walking as my foot was hurt, but I'll call it running till my dying day) when I couldn't sleep in the early mornings. It was usually so grey and cool and misty, and quiet except for the waves...perfect. One morning I saw these big brown birds picking at something in the seaweed down the beach.
And they were bald eagles! See their white heads? They turned to look at me a little while later as I carefully edged closer, and they had the most disdainful looks on their faces. As if they were offended that I thought they might be startled by ME. And then they DID fly away, but slowly and deliberately to show me they were NOT being driven off.

I saw this elegant heron several different times, too.
Later I saw the bald eagles again, sitting nobly in the tallest tree. I wonder if they had a nest up there?
Here's a better look at them.
They are such handsome birds.
The beach has such a different character on different days, doesn't it? In the daytime when the sun is out…
and in the foggy mornings! I love both.

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