Threads of gold

This post is part of the General Conference Odyssey. This week covers the Priesthood Session of the October 1982 Conference.
Here's the quote I've been thinking about this week. Elder H. Burke Peterson said:
Faultfinding is easy. It takes a true disciple of the Master to look beyond the weaknesses we all have and find the threads of gold that are always there.… 
A boy needs a father who will correct him when necessary, but beyond that, one who will love him, and like him, and accept him regardless of his performance: a father who may treat a teenager like an adult, but not expect him to act like one. It takes quite a dad to look beyond the actions of boyhood and see the potential of manhood—and even more important, for him to get a glimpse of eternity.
"Treat a teenager like an adult, but not expect him to act like one." That's an interesting line to walk. Maybe I'll get better at seeing it when I've been through a few more teenagers?

I also love the reminder to find the "threads of gold" rather than finding fault with the people around me.

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