Early blooms at Red Butte Garden

Pink Magnolia

Things are slowly beginning to bloom. I love the way the color slowly sweeps over the garden.

This tree is amazing. In the Fall it was covered with yellow berries. Now, it has thousands of furry . . . what are they? The word "catkins" comes to mind.

I love these. They grow early and small like crocuses, but they look just like tiny irises!

More of them. Blues and violets.

She definitely has more hair than she used to

Also, better balance.

So tiny!

He looks like he is racewalking here. Did I ever tell you about the time I was roped into the racewalking event at a track meet? (I believe Beth participated as well?) The really embarrassing part is that I got second place.

Junie regarding the world with suspicion

I always love seeing what's happening behind the main subject of the picture (here, Junie looks patient)

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  1. You guys go EVERYwhere. I've never been there. Not even once. I LOVE the word "catkin." D hair is like my Andy's - like tiny fountains sprouting out of her head. G's brother used to race walk - seriously race walk. Maybe if I did that, I would slim down in the hip area.

    TIny iris - magical.


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