*Disclaimer: This is not a "DIY" (is that purely a written word? Because I find "do-it-yourself" much easier to say, and "DIY" confuses me even when I try to say it in my head) by any means. It's really just a gratuitous excuse to show you these cute bunnies.

I'm so tempted to buy everything at Eastertime, because everything has bunnies on it! I have to mentally repeat to myself when I'm at the store: "Must--not--decorate--entire--house--with--bunnies." (I would add, "Must not dress little girls in bunny clothing all the time"---but then, why not?) So, recently, with admirable restraint, I passed over many other bunny-festooned objects at Pier 1, and only bought these five little moss bunnies-on-sticks. (See how I phrased that, Sam?) I had no vision for them, but I knew something would come to me and in the meantime my children would enjoy hopping them around the house.

A few days later, in a flash of inspiration, I realized they looked like carousel bunnies. So I made a bunny-go-round for them.

I'm not very good at projects like this. Even when I force myself to do things like draw pattern lines and use a ruler, I can't visualize what I need to do before doing it, so I always end up just jumping in and hoping something works before I burn through all my supplies on failed attempts (a very real danger). When all else fails, luckily, my Resident Artist can usually find some workaround for all the hasty mistakes I've made.

Thus, I don't attempt to give you any instructions here. I used dowels and wooden beads and Styrofoam and craft paint and rickrack and scrapbook paper and hot glue and posterboard and a plastic cake board. (Which is a sort of microcosm of the crafter's world, when I think of it.) And I just looked at pictures of carousels and  fiddled around with it all until it sort of held together. So it's a bit crooked and there's a part where the rickrack ran out so I had to draw in the rest of it with a yellow marker (no one will ever notice!), but it does actually turn, which I felt that it must do. And it does have bunnies on it, so we'll call it a success.

And they really are so cute, these little mossy hoppers with their halos of sunshine!


  1. I love it. Hooray for bunnies.

  2. Oh, fetch. Now I have to go to Pier 1.

  3. I AM SO IMPRESSED. Also, thanks for the reminder that I need to decorate for Easter.

  4. eOh love how adorable it is. It was an inspired idea to make them into carousel bunnies for sure.


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