"Don't take my picture!"

As sweet as she is, I get the feeling Daisy thinks life is quite hard.  I understand; I can see how it would be hard to not actually be able to do all the things you think you should be capable of doing.  She thinks she OUGHT to be able to read and run and climb and carry things and open doors and make toast and pour her own milk and work on the computer and so forth, ad infinitum.  (I guess she assumes she should be able to do anything her brothers can do?)  And it irks her greatly when she has to face any reality to the contrary.  Anyway, she really wishes someone (the government, probably) would step in and DO SOMETHING about it.  (And when no one does, she assumes it's because they REFUSE to, rather than because they just can't figure out what the samhill she even wants.)  Poor little lamb!

 "Why won't these shoes stay on?!"

 "I want to be on this bench!"

"This bag holds some perplexing secret!"

"I need this book read to me!  In a certain way!"

"Why can't I lift this?"

"Do something!"


  1. And no matter how many times you tell them, "I'm so sorry, but we are out of popsicles," they still tell you, "But I _want_ one!" like you're just hiding them or something. Unless, of course, you are. Which I do, sometimes.

  2. I LOVE this post. Isn't life just unfair? And they can just look so put upon. WHY isn't the world more fair. WHY can't we just eat lunchables for every meal? WHY do we have to go to bed at bedtime?

    Etc. etc. etc. etc.

    I wonder if sometimes the Lord might look at us that way. We're all kicking against the pricks and making sad faces and ultimately it's all going to turn out ok.

  3. You're so sympathetic to HER plight. When I'm in this same situation with my dang THREE girls, I'm only thinking how annoying/frustrating/maddening it is for ME to be experiencing their whining/crying/tantrum.
    You're nice.

  4. Did you see the movie Babies? In it, they follow four children being born and brought up in very different parts of the world, in disparate cultures. The Japanese baby, grown to a tiny girl about Daisy's age has a very long segment to herself in which this very frustration with life is dealt with - energetically and loudly. You'd like it, I think.

  5. Nice use of the word "samhill". I sympathize with Miss Daisy. Reality can be such a drag sometimes. Perhaps a tiny little person will help her feel more capable.

  6. The government really does need to step in...that could get scary.

    She is too adorable. What a gem.

  7. Ah, but she is so cute! Something tells me it's a character trait not to be outgrown.

    Hey, I've opened a discussion on favorite children's books over on my blog and I am particularly interested in Marilyn Nelson Nielson's top picks. Something tells me they are all truly great.


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