You have to pay a few dollars to go up Millcreek Canyon, and usually we're driving on Sundays so we've never gone up there before.  This happened to be a Monday, however, so we took the $3 plunge.  It was really beautiful---the road is a lot smaller and closer to the trees than in some of the other canyons, less like a highway and more like a trail.  I liked it because it felt like we could really see a lot more of what was around us.  There are some really pretty hiking trails at the top of the road, too (we hiked just a little ways up, but it was late and getting dark, so we didn't go too far).

It was a cloudy day so the light was strange and beautiful, and these pictures all have this sort of blurriness that must be caused by me not knowing what I'm doing with the camera settings.  (Sam tries to show me, but I still don't get it right.)  They're still pretty, though---the leaf colors really glowed against the gray sky.  There was some pretty amazing underbrush too, bright-colored and lighting up whole hillsides at a time.
Yellows peeking out through the pines

Abe is so excited he got a yellow leaf!!  (My kids are easy to please)

Muted mixed with bright

That red-orange color is unearthly!

I love it when there are different varieties of tree growing together so you get this patchwork of color


  1. Another beautiful collection of images. Our canyons are fading, too - a little bit of red here and there, and some orange, but mostly that buff - clouds of floating buff. Your aspens are doing better than mine - light through lives is one of my favorite things in the known (to me) universe.

    And I love the shot of the road - you're right, so romantically like a trail. I'd cough up the three bucks, too.

  2. Is that just scrub oak that colored up so nicely? Maybe it should be renamed. :) Striking!

  3. Allison: Sam thinks that red is some kind of maple, maybe. Is there such thing as "scrub maple"? :)


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