The Christmas Chronicles

One of the best things about having been a family for all these years now (ten and a half) is that we are starting to have lots of our very own traditions.  I love it.  I love looking forward to things "we always do," and hearing the kids talk about them excitedly to each other.

Something new for this year is that we've been listening to The Christmas Chronicles on KBYU, and I can already tell it's going to be something we want to do every year.  I think we'll buy the audiobook, but for now the episodes are online so we can fit them in between all the other things we have going on.

It's a story by local author Tim Slover (he came and spoke to one of my English classes one time at BYU---we studied a story of his I like a lot, called "Jim of Provo," based on the story of Job in the Bible.  He also wrote the play "Joyful Noise" about Handel's writing of Messiah; perhaps you've seen it?) about the history and origins of Santa Claus.  It is simply delightful.  Funny, interesting, moving, witty---we are loving it.  Abraham is so involved in the story, he can hardly stand the waits between episodes, but Sebby loves it too and even Malachi seems quite captivated.  I highly recommend it!  There are 8 segments of about a half-hour each, so it takes some time to listen to, but I guarantee you'll be wanting to stay up late to hear "just one more" once you get started (especially if you have hot chocolate to drink while you listen!).

And just for a bonus, here are some totally gratuitous and unjustified shots of various elves and Christmas dresses.


  1. I think your mom told us about this last year...we'll have to listen. It _has_ been fun now that B is finally noticing things and commenting on them. Looking forward to many more years of it...

    Love the elves. Pinch their ears for me. :)

  2. I cannot get over Junie's tights!!!! I love them so much.
    And I am always looking to add to our family Christmas traditions, so thanks for the heads up regarding the Christmas Chronicles.

  3. Yeah. Tim and I dated for a short time, back in the dark ages. He was a young upstart then. I think he still is. I love the dresses. And love the faces.

  4. I am so excited to listen to this--thanks for the idea! And I love your girls. Eleni has a dress like Daisy's--when can they play together? I'm sure they'd have fun.


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