Good things about Christmas Break

Little Eskimo in her furry hood

I've loved our Christmas Break this year. It was fun to be busy with preparations, and then it was just as much fun to be DONE with everything and just rest for a few days. Ahhh. It has been SO nice to sit around doing (practically) nothing.
Happy train-riders

Worried Santa

Sam got a wood-burner earlier this month and has been going around the house burning designs into any wood object he can find. I love the things he makes.

I crocheted a mama penguin. She has an egg tucked inside her, which turns inside-out to become a penguin chick. Because I was making up the pattern as I went, these penguins went through some very interesting iterations.
This is my first attempt. The poor sad baby!  But Daisy loves him anyway (this one went to her), so it's okay.

Here is Malachi coming in all rosy-cheeked to tell me about his adventures sledding---while I sit tucked warm in my bed. Oh how I love having older boys that can take the younger ones out into the freezing world so I don't have to!

Junie gets in on the picture

"FBI warning: if the athority is prospected you can coppy this movie but, if it isint you will be cot! thanks!"

Sebby was making a movie (out of paper . . . yes, it had many pages) and this was the FBI warning "screen."  I love it so much. It has just the right type of meaningless bureaucrat-speak, combined with appropriately dire threats. And the falsely bright "thanks!" at the end for good measure.


  1. I am still laughing about that FBI warning! I love it!

  2. I just read this out loud to Guy - I'm Laughing my head off about Seb's sign. And as I read it, "you will be cot" (caught) not cut. So there.

    Your pictures of the penguin came out so much better than mine, so I'll be linking to you for the party post, which I'm sure I will put up just as soon as I sleep for a week. And I have an ace woodburner, and ALSO want to go all through the house, burning little birds and things into everything. But I don't have Sam's graphic skill and confidence, so I haven't done it yet. But I DID do those stools for Gin and for Cam's kids.

  3. K: Cot! Caught! Of course! And I love your stools.


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