Everyone in this house keeps me laughing.

from Abraham:
"It's a good thing there's no 'self-destruct' button on this car, because I'm sure I'd eventually end up pushing it."

Question in Abe's grammar workbook: "My friends and (I, Me) went to the playground to play."
How he answered it: "My friends went to the playground to play, and I? I took the road less traveled by. And stayed home."

Malachi referred to the balsamic vinegar as "volcanic vinegar."

Ky also talked about getting shots to protect oneself from "Pisces" (meaning rabies).

(Upon entering the bathroom in a hotel lobby): "Oooh! This is a sort of grand bathroom!"

Seb likes to push the shopping cart for me at the store, and he told Malachi and Daisy as they rolled, "You guys are traveling just by inertia . . . and by the laying on of hands."

On the kitchen aisle at Target, he stopped in his tracks and let out an audible gasp. "Oooh, Mommy, look! Zesters!"

He asked, watching a basketball game, "Which teams are versing each other in this game?"

We were talking about the Second Coming of Christ and Sebby said, "Maybe when Jesus comes again, He and Heavenly Father will be standing on top of each other, juggling balls!"


  1. That _would_ make me look forward to the second coming.

  2. Awesome. Especially the road less traveled by comment.

  3. All of these made me smile and several of them made me Laugh Out Loud. Wonderful

  4. May I just admit that I wish I could plant a bug in your house? Your kids remind me of mine - the road less travelled by indeed. Yeah - love these minds. And I'm with Sam - and frankly, about now I could use a little something to actually look forward to -


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