Daisy is four!

Four has been my favorite number since I was four, and it is definitely one of my favorite ages too. I just LOVE four-year-olds! They are smart, sweet, and fascinating. And they make delightful companions! So I'm just as happy as can be that Little Miss Daisy had her birthday last week. What would we do without our bright little daisy-flower?

Every now and then I take a bunch of pictures of one of the children as they are talking to me. I always love these pictures because they show so many facial expressions and, collectively, they seem to portray the child better than one picture can. So, here is Daisy telling me all about her dream (it involves penguins in Penguin-land).

She loves to organize and match things together. In this picture, she was sleeping on the floor in my room because she was talking to Junie too much in her room while they were supposed to be napping. We found her sleeping next to all the bunnies she'd collected, each one covered neatly with a folded-up diaper or burp cloth.

And here she is wearing her new yellow birthday dress. We love this little four-year-old sunshine (and we love that Junie-girl too)!


  1. As I looked at her in the yellow address, I saw her at sixteen. She has a lovely, open smile - a giving smile. To look at her is to love her. And I cannot believe she is so old as all this. *Smile a little sadly.* I am grateful and pleased that you are seeing so clearly all the way along. You will never have to say, "I wonder where the time went."

  2. Happy Birthday Daisy! She's beautiful.

  3. I like the diapers on the animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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