More Fall

My kids love their uncles and aunts so much. When my brother was in town Daisy would wake up every day and ask first thing if we were going to see "Phiwip and Ow-ison." I love this picture of her being swung by Philip and Grandma.

I really love this picture too, of Ben and Ky looking like twins.

Fluffy grassy-things, and that great Fall color palette


A stormier day in the canyon. I always feel like the yellows really blaze out on the grey days. Love the patchwork effect as the groups of aspens go through their different stages.

Another day and another canyon. I love living here. So does Marigold. :)


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  2. You capture our valley and canyons so well. If I ever want to show someone how beautiful it is here, I will send them to your blog.

    (Previous comment deleted and re-written here because of multiple grammar errors.)


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