Sam was still employed at Disney for a few more days, my twin nephews in California kept getting cuter every minute, and Philip and Allison said they could find places for all eight of us to sleep. How could we resist taking one more trip while we could still go to Disneyland free? We couldn't. And it was such a lovely few days!
The happy, happy fish-go-round. What joy this has brought us over the years! Goldie is so rosy and sweet in this picture, I could eat her!
More fish-go-round
This picture just encapsulates so many things. The blazing heat and sun (100 degrees!). Abe and Seb, Seasoned Roller-Coaster Riders (so pleased with their own bravery). That moment of creaky anticipation before you start barreling down the slope.
Speaking of Bravery and Seasoned Riders. When did Daisy get to be such a big kid? She rode all the big roller coasters for the first time and "wasn't scared a bit!"
This escalator has, some years, been some people's Favorite Ride at Disneyland. Glad I finally got a picture. I love the girls' hot, curly, disheveled hair.
Junie had to do a lot of waiting around for rides she wasn't big enough for. We found a place she could get splashed by the waterfall, though, and it was good enough for her. She squealed and laughed and stomped around. We were so hot!
Three boys engrossed in the view from the Ferris Wheel (can't be bothered to turn around for a picture).
Goldie, thrilled with the ride. Sam, laughing at Goldie. Seb, trying to see the machinery that spins the teacups.
How I love this desert scenery. The tricks they've done with color and perspective make the cliffs look so far-off and massive!
When we're somewhere we've been before like this, I can't help but see everyone in comparison to their younger, littler selves in my memory. No more three-to-a-rocket for these grown-up boys!

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  1. I wish we could have gone there with you! I love Disneyland. And I love your cute family there.


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