Someone was telling me how stressful Halloween always is for them, and I was wondering why it hasn't been so for me. Then I realized it's probably because I've never made any of my kids' costumes. My mom is an amazing seamstress, and she's made us so many costumes over the years that now we pretty much just get them out of the box and see who fits what. It's great! It's also great that the costumes she makes are sturdy and washable, so the kids wear them all year long for dress-up, and I never worry about them getting ruined.

This year, as in 2012, we had two monkeys. Junie went up to the middle-sized monkey, and Goldie fit the smaller one. Man, these monkeys have been around forever!
This monkey looks just a little scary. She appears to be rubbing her hands with glee.

Way back in January, Ky saved up his birthday money and bought this astronaut suit (to go with the astronaut helmet he got for Christmas). He's been wearing it all year, but he was happy to wear it again for Halloween.
Okay, I guess I've made exactly ONE costume in all these years: this Rubik's Cube. Abe helped me. It was the easiest thing ever, (and no sewing involved, of course), so I don't think it really counts. He looked so cute though! For his last year of trick-or-treating.
Seb wanted to be a Revolutionary War Soldier of some kind. When we went to D.I. to get a soldier coat for him, he found this red coat (his favorite color), so he decided to fight for the British. "That's why I'm scary!" as he told people who asked why he was on the wrong side. :) We made the tricorne hat and the canteen/ammunition pouch straps when we were studying the Revolutionary War earlier this year.
He tried to look appropriately solider-y (serious/mad face), and after I told him to smile for one of the pictures, he muttered, "Now I'm probably going to get court-martialed!"
There were a couple costumes we had that could have fit Daisy, but she really wanted to be a penguin, so my mom came through again, with this adorable penguin suit. Daisy was SO happy. She's been wearing it nonstop. I love how furry and comfortable it is!
Eeek! So cute.


  1. Those costumes are adorable (even the soldier but I'm sure he would appreciate if if you DIDN'T tell him that)!

  2. "That's why I'm scary." Hahahahahahahaha. Love all of these. And I still can't get over how grown up and flat-out adorable Goldie is looking these days.


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