From the kids, Christmas 2014

Abe made me this sweet little fwuffball bunny. If you flip it to one side you can also use it as a phone. :) Abe also created SUCH sweet little gifts for all his brothers and sisters. I don't know why I don't have pictures of all of them. He made the cutest memory game for Malachi, with all Ky's favorite things in it: bird pictures, space pictures, volcano pictures, etc. He laminated the cards and everything. So cute.
Seb made presents for everyone too. This book was what he made for me. He must have spent hours on this labor of love!
I can't adequately express how…well…informative this Informational Booklet is. (These are just some of the pages.) Even knowing our Seb, I was amazed. He said somewhat apologetically after he gave it to me, "I know it's more of something I'm interested in than something you are interested in …" but I assured him, it's better this way. Now I get to learn something new!
To Daisy from Seb. Penguin and iceberg playset. With a digital camera for good measure.
Seb's also been doing these drawings of each person's favorite animal. I love them so much. I especially love the poor little penguin huddling against the snow flurries. I can just feel his determination!
Sam got a ladder for Christmas, so naturally this huge box has gotten a lot of use. Seb made a plane out of it which the little kids have LOVED squeezing themselves into for rides. It takes both Abe and Seb to tilt it for takeoffs and landings!

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