Fresh as a Daisy

We sure love our fields of daisies here, the very daisies Daisy was named for. And we've been taking these pictures for a long time now! My little flower girls seem to get nicer every year. :)
We count Junie as a flower too, of course. Her obligatory juniper tree pictures usually happen while we're hiking! :)

Aaaand…there's nothing wrong with a Marigold in among the daisies, is there?
Catching dandelion fluff
And blowing it!
Junie found a feather
Gold-ish flowers for a Goldie
She seemed to feel very bold and independent off by herself in the flower field.
But she did come back eventually!
Junie counting for hide-and-seek
Where's Daisy?
Everyone did lots of dancing, of course
When we came home, these hulking boys were waiting for us on the porch swing.
Come back soon, June!

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