Yellowstone: Island Park

We rented a cabin in Island Park, Idaho (about 45 minutes from the West Entrance to Yellowstone) for our trip, and we loved it. I love staying at rental houses so that we can all fit comfortably and have doors that can close off places for naps, etc. And the area was so beautiful! Mountainous and wooded. We were happy to have such a lovely place as our home base.
There were some pretty views of the Tetons, driving up past Rexburg.
I loved these bright yellow fields! I remember seeing this all over in England. Is it canola?

And one day we went to Mesa Falls, which is nearby. It's a lovely little wooded walk to the overlook:
and then this breath-taking waterfall! The rainbow in the mist made it particularly beautiful.
At the cabin there was a firepit, which we loved. We like cooking over fires! And it was nice to be right next to the house so the older people could linger at the fire after the little ones had been put to bed.
The girls loved this tiny bench. But Teddy does NOT approve.
This was a dead pine branch we put in the fire. It flared up so huge for a minute!
Also very nice to be close to a bathtub after having a campfire and s'mores!
In the backyard of our cabin was this little pond, and I loved the light out there at every time of day. I kept hoping we'd see a moose (inside the cabin there was a picture of a moose in this pond) but we didn't. There were baby ducks though! And lots of birds. And some friendly spiders around the corners of the porch. The kids have just read "Charlotte's Web" so they called every spider "Charlotte."
And to everyone's delight, there was also a swing!
It's so restorative to be under trees like this, looking at the sky. And of course to see the millions of stars at night. I love it so much!
Lovely, lovely Island Park!

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