I just love seeing all the creative, darling, themed Halloween costumes some mothers and kids and families come up with, and I'm always so pleased when somebody comes to my door in something really astounding. But, having never lifted a finger to make a Halloween costume in my life (well…maybe one finger…we made this Rubik's Cube, and I crocheted a Goldilocks wig once), I can also vouch for the benefits of the less-labor-intensive approach. "Find something in the costume box," I say unconcernedly as Halloween approaches, and that's that! Thanks to years of…my MOM's work, we have plenty of furry animals (the very BEST kind of Halloween costume) to choose from. 
Daisy was a bunny, with her doll Rosie, for part of the day on Halloween. She changed her mind about costumes about three times. This is the bunny suit I wore on Halloween when I was five or six. Still going strong.

Astronaut Malachi, for the third year. Somehow the suit keeps fitting him, and he loves it.
Another appearance from the past—this Care Bear costume my mom made for me when I was little. (I just had to put some new elastic in.) It's funny that I wanted this, because we didn't have a TV and I didn't even really know what Care Bears were. I've still never seen the show. But I somehow liked Funshine Bear anyway. So (just as clueless) does Junie.
Junie making some artistic choices with the ornamental grasses
Daisy finally settled on being a Gingerbread Girl, wearing this coat which I said she looked like a gingerbread girl in. She does, doesn't she?
Goldie, being a birdie. It feels like Malachi was just barely wearing this suit and I can't believe how small he was back then!
Birdie running to Malachi. He still does love birdies.
Seb was, appropriately, an airline pilot for his last year of trick-or-treating. I did make those epaulettes for him, so on second thought just disregard all that modest talk earlier about me not lifting a finger!
I love this picture. He's so straight and tall and handsome. It looks like it could be his class picture for military academy or something.
And last of all, this baby Teddy bear. Oh, goodness. Sam said this bear suit was false advertising, because Teddy is SUCH a monkey right now, and nothing BUT a monkey. (Or a monster.) And Theodore did actually wear the monkey suit to the church Halloween party, but for Halloween itself he was a bear, and he was just so cute and snuggly, I couldn't stand it. Anyway, you aren't supposed to dress up as what you actually ARE for Halloween, are you?
Spotting an airplane. Which he calls a "hecococor."
I don't know quite how to interpret this look, but I get it a lot. Sweet little teddykins!


  1. We share a similar approach to Halloween. I approve. Now, on to Christmas!!

  2. I think I almost wrote this same post! I was thinking how much I really enjoy Halloween and part of it is that we just send kids to the Halloween box! And if they can't find something there, they'll find it at their grandma's house.


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