Happenings in January

The big girls (big? Can't believe I am saying that) moved downstairs after Christmas. Sebastian built their bunk beds and the new dresser for their doll clothes. I was kind of sad to have them moving so far away from Sam's and my room, but it is definitely nice for everyone to spread out a bit, since we had all four little kids in one bedroom before!
Marigold misses her sisters and likes to "sleep over" with them whenever she can! And even when it's just the two of them in their room, Daisy and Junie still usually end up in the same bed. They are just too used to sleeping together, I guess!
Junie Snuggled in with Violet
Junie and Lavender (that's what she named the doll she got for Christmas)

Daisy and Rosie. My mom made the cute doll nightgowns with the scraps I had leftover from the girl nightgowns.
Stripes of sunshine (a welcome sight on these grey days!)
Biggest holding littlest. Littlest doesn't look very little anymore, does he?
More people holding people.
Junie and Nutmeg going off to work with Sam (it was "Draw a bunny" day in his Gesture Drawing class)
Malachi is astounded at this tall magnatiles tower
Teddy and Sam making pasta


  1. So what was the big girls' room before it was the big girls' room? It looks darling! I love the blue. We did nearly our entire basement blue! (Except Goldie's room is yellow.) Maybe that was going too far, but we have so little color in our house that I was desperate for some! Anyway, having two in most rooms as opposed to four is seeming quite lovely here! Hope it is there as well. (Our only downfall came in giving Daisy the line bedroom at the farthest far-away corner of the basement where she disappears to read and we must yell and yell for her and then send someone to fetch her when she still feigns not hearing us.)

    1. I love that light blue, too. I wish my room was a color! It's just...greyish whitish. We finished the basement last, so it has more color than the rest of the house. We have a couple yellow rooms too! They probably would horrify some people, but I love them! :) And the girls' room was just a "playroom", which really means it was just gathering everyone's junk. We have two bedrooms upstairs (ours and the little ones') and two downstairs, and that one has been empty till now!

      And I HATE yelling across the house for kids. I always suspect them of pretending not to hear, because _I_ can hear every word of every argument and every muttered comment even when I'm trying to get some peace and quiet and I have my door closed! Whereas the kids don't seem to hear the most blatant and repeated yelling for them to come help with dinner. Ha. And then invariably when I send someone to fetch them, THAT person just yells down the stairs too! I'm always saying, "If I wanted to keep yelling, I could do that MYSELF!"

  2. Haha! Yes! Always whoever I send will try to just tell from right where I've been yelling!!

  3. Sebastian built stuff? Where and how? Also, how can I learn to stop being such a control freak and let my kids do things? You always amaze me.

    1. Well, when I say built, I just mean put together the IKEA furniture. But I LOVE giving that job over to someone else! Love it. The key to letting your kids do stuff is to dislike doing it yourself so much that you're willing to risk it being done a little wrong. :)

      (Which, I should clarify, with Seb, it really isn't---he's a way better builder than I am!)


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