I'm not sure what's happening here, but I don't think it's right.
A bunny for a bunny.
Date with Abe—Joseph Smith Building

Daisy dressed up like a duck. Those are my pot holders on her feet.
Seb made this light…gun? out of wire, electrical tape, a Christmas light, and a paper fastener.
Nutmeg investigates his new bed
Teddy was looking at this book with me and said "That's a rock, that's a rock, and that's Daddy."
All set to play outside!
Walking out of church
Frosty trees
I brought the tablecloths home from the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet to wash them. Then I saw this.
Then, of course, this happened.


  1. Oh the frosty trees! So pretty! And it was like that only a week or two ago and now . . . spring? It feels that way!

    And what did you do at the Joseph Smith Memorial building?

    And my babies also often recognize "Mike" in unexpected books, restaurants, etc! Haha!

    And poor Nutmeg in Teddy's crib!! Terrifying. :)

    Lastly, the potty training toilet. Always right in our kitchen when potty training is going on in desperate hopes that it will inspire, etc. I still haven't potty trained Summer!! And now I have three in diapers! But I can't bear to do it right now with a newborn around. I tried once half heartedly before Hans came and then I just . . . couldn't. Now probably she will be in diapers til college.

    1. Oh, that toilet. I feel that it will always be in my life. Always. Just like poor Summer and her diapers. :)

      At the JS Memorial building: we were EATING! At The Roof restaurant. For Christmas we gave our boys each a coupon to go out to eat with us...anywhere! And Abe, naturally, chose the very fanciest buffet he could find! Yum.


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