Pictures, mostly of Teddy, because he's two

You know how it is with two-year-olds. Everyone wants to be around them and tickle them and hear what funny things they are going to say next! The older children positively compete over Teddy. They carry him around (which he often resists) and argue over who gets to read him a story and whose turn it is to sit by him in the car. But I also have to remind them several times a day, "It's useless to argue with a two-year-old!" Teddy could beat anyone at the "Yes-it-is""No-it-isn't" game. Although he doesn't quite grasp the semantics, so he just tacks on "I DON'T" or "YOU DON'T" to everything that displeases him. 

"Teddy, it's time for bed." "I DON'T go to bed!" 
"Okay, now I have to go downstairs and make breakfast." "You have to DON'T go downstairs and make breakfast, Mommy!"
"Oh dear, we don't hit Goldie!" "No, I DON'T not hit Goldie!"

But who can resist him, anyway? After sitting in time-out for about 15 seconds, he's all smiles, and  squeaks out, "Ready-to-be-nice-and-not-cweem-and-not-yell-and-not-get-fings?" in a hopeful voice, no matter what his offense was. (I don't know why it's always part of his remorse to "not get things." Does he really get reprimanded for "getting things" so much? Maybe he does…there always do tend to be little finger holes in any cake or muffins that are sitting out on the counter.)
Making noodles with Daddy

Sebastian is one of the sweetest and nicest with Teddy of all. When Seb's in charge of dinner, he will go seek out Teddy and ask him if he wants to help, and then he'll patiently talk to him, and give him things to do, and lift him up so he can see. It really is one of the best things. And Teddy, naturally, adores Seb for it.
Here's Theodore pulling BOTH his pull-toys Grandma made him for Christmas. With Blankie in hand, of course. He goes round and round and round the counter with them, getting in everyone's way. And saying, "I go noun-an-noun-an-noun."
Sometimes this is a mad face, but sometimes it's just him concentrating. Or sometimes he seems to think it's the proper, dignified thing to do for a picture.
Oh, I remember Malachi in this suit!
Well. There are other cute children in this family too, I must admit.
Daisy and Junie in dress-up clothes for Valentine's Day
And ready for their little ballet class. So cute.
And here are these two little sweeties again, ready to walk to church (it's a miracle that Teddy is tolerating Goldie holding his hand…usually he takes great offense at this).

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