Things I liked from General Conference

Sometimes I think the day after General Conference is the saddest day—it is hard to go back to regular life! But I loved this Conference and learned a lot. And discovered anew that I have plenty of things to work on! :)

You'll be relieved to know (I'm sure it's been on your mind) that I got a new notebook since last October, so I didn't have to use the back cover to take notes on the Seventies' talks.

Here are some phrases and ideas that stood out to me:

President Nelson:
Position yourself to have experiences with God!
President Eyring:
• Praying together as a family is a crucial part in making the home sacred.
• The temple is the best place to gain a love for heavenly places.
Talks I loved but didn't write concise quotes from:
• Elder Holland's
• Elder Bednar's
• Elder Brook P. Hales'
Elder Renlund:
• When you receive any blessing, you can conclude you have obeyed the associated law.
• Our actions approach zero—but they are NOT zero!
• "I would've filled up, went on, and prayed again."
Sister Craven:
There is no right way to do the wrong thing!
[Me: This includes arguing with a teenager. Once I enter the argument, no matter how correct I am (and I am always correct, naturally🙄)—I become wrong!]
Elder David P. Homer:
• At critical moments, we will hear multiple voices competing for our attention. We must listen to the right one!
• "A hyper-intellectual stupor of thought" [such a great and descriptive phrase!]
Elder Juan Pablo Villar (who has the happiest face I have ever seen):
When we pray for a spiritual gift, God will give us opportunities to develop that gift—not simply the gift itself.
Elder Kyle S. McKay:
The "immediate goodness of God" comes to all who call upon him with real intent and full purpose of heart. It brings not immediate deliverance, but immediate peace and hope.
[I can vouch for that—I have experienced it multiple times myself.]

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  1. That "immediate goodness of God" talk was another one that I loved besides the ones we texted about!

    And I love your personal application of Sister Craven's words. I need to apply them to a million mothering things and it hadn't occurred to me to!


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