Increased faith that follows miracles

This post is part of the General Conference Odyssey. This week covers the Saturday Morning Session of the April 1989 Conference.
Two little thoughts from different talks in this session of conference:

From Elder L. Tom Perry:
Parents have the glorious opportunity of being the most powerful influence, above and beyond any other, on the new lives that will bless their homes.
My first thought on reading this was that it's not a VERY "glorious opportunity." I always feel quite daunted when I think about influencing my children for good…I worry that I won't be up to it. I already feel quite often like I'm not up to it. But on further reflection I decided that if this is true, it really is an amazing blessing. It's not because I'm that great of an example to the children. But I DO have a testimony of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father's love for us, and I DO want more than anything to become like Them. That motivation is truly real in my life; I don't have to fake it in the least. So it's comforting to think that even though it doesn't seem like my children are particularly interested in what I think, or particularly quick to ask my opinions or advice on anything…I will, with God's help, have the opportunity to influence their choices and values anyway! I know my children may not ultimately choose everything I've chosen…but I hope somehow God will help those best parts of me to influence them, even in ways I don't yet comprehend.

And this part from President Hunter stuck out to me because it fits so well with the theme of our most recent conference—or what's emerged as MY theme, anyway: the need to seek and then remember all the miracles that Heavenly Father and the Savior provide in our lives.
President Spencer W. Kimball taught us with a book by the title Faith Precedes the Miracle. But there is, of course, an increase of faith that should follow the miracle as well. As a result of the many miracles in our lives, we should be more humble and more grateful, more kind and more believing. When we are personal witnesses to these wonders which God performs, it should increase our respect and love for him; it should improve the way we behave.
I'm making a more conscious effort than ever before to notice and remember every great thing God is doing in my life. And the more I notice them, the more these things seem to appear. It is amazing! And I'm trying to let my gratitude transform me the way Elder Renlund says it should.

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  1. It is not a VERY glorious opportunity. Hahahah. But truly. I have been thinking lately that faulty memory, etc. means I likely have almost none of the complete gratitude my parents truly deserve for example and establishing this whole backdrop of faith and prayer, etc. And then I realize I’m doing that for my kids too. Maybe not responding perfectly or having exact marvelous discussions, but just day after day letting them grow up with light and truth. That is a pretty glorious thing to be able to provide for someone during their establishment of life in mortality!

    And I love the Hunter quote too! We are always so careful to say we have to have faith BEFORE the miracle. and that if we ONLY will believe after signs we aren’t faithful. Which of course is true. But in stressing that, we sometimes skip over that those miracles we have seen (likely through our faith) also will and should allow our faith to grow! Just like we’ve talked about when we’ve feared we won’t get answers, etc. but see that He HAS guided us before so surely He will again. It makes me happy to think of remembering his goodness and knowing we can trust more fully to more ahead.


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