A harvest of mercy

This post is part of the General Conference Odyssey. This week covers the Sunday Morning Session of the April 1990 Conference.
President Hinckley's talk on mercy is beautiful and sounds so much like him. I feel like this is still what he would be saying to us if he were here now!
There is so much of civil strife and conflict in our society that could be ameliorated by a small touch of mercy…Were there a greater willingness on the part of each side to look with some element of mercy on the problems of the other, most of this could be avoided.

…I commend most warmly those who with a compelling spirit of kindness reach out to those in distress, regardless of whom they might be, to help and assist, to feed and provide for, to nurture and to bless. As these extend mercy, I am confident that the God of heaven will bless them, and their posterity after them, with His own mercy. I am satisfied that these who impart so generously will not lack in their own store, but that there will be food on their tables and a roof over their heads. One cannot be merciful to others without receiving a harvest of mercy in return.
And for parents:
I speak to fathers and mothers everywhere with a plea to put harshness behind us, to bridle our anger, to lower our voices, and to deal with mercy and love and respect one toward another in our homes.
Always a reminder I need to hear!

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