We had Thanksgiving Dinner at our house this year (18 people) and I cooked a turkey for the first time ever. As a woman of mature years, I felt it was time to be the host.  And I loved (nearly) every minute of it. I had everything planned out on a spreadsheet (that's right) so I knew what time to start doing what. Two columns; one for my duties, one for Sam's. We are a good team.  I love cooking and planning with him (and even cleaning, and the kids were great helpers).

Everyone I talked to was falling all over themself to help me learn the secrets of roasting turkey.  I brined it the night before (doesn't that sound fancy) and it made the meat really tender.  And it was done cooking two hours earlier than anticipated (thank you, convection oven) which was great but I worried it might not be hot enough? or something.  But it was delicious.  Next time I'll know I don't need to allow so much time.

What else did we cook? Mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, carrot soufflé, homemade rolls (my favorite part of Thanksgiving), roasted asparagus. (Abe nearly froze his hands off in our backyard, digging out some fresh herbs from under 14 inches of snow.  But he got the rosemary and it was delicious. :))  Our guests brought stuffing and cranberry-marshmallow salad and green beans.  It was all so tasty.
And then pie, of course.  I like to have a surplus, an abundance, a wealth of pies.  I wish I'd gotten a picture of all the pies lined up.  They were lovely.  I made this pumpkin praline cheesecake (with gingersnap crust, yum) and our old favorite chocolate chip cookie pie.  My sister-in-law brought apple pie and vanilla cream and chocolate cream pies, and my mother-in-law brought pumpkin cake with whipped cream.  It was perfect.
I thought it looked really beautiful with all the dishes out and the Fall colors and everything, although as I look at these pictures it doesn't really seem that impressive.  And I forgot to get flowers for the table (I meant to) but, oh well, it was pretty anyway.  I got to use the turkey tablecloth Beth gave me years ago and I've never used because I'm always at someone else's house for Thanksgiving. 

I love pretty dishes and silverware and paper lanterns and good food and having people over, so this was pretty much an ideal day for me and I'm happy I got to do it!


  1. Holy cow! It all looks so beautiful and delicious!

  2. We can still be friends, right? Even though I couldn't in my wildest dreams have hosted a party and baked all that amazingness . . .

  3. Oh yes it does look that impressive!

  4. Wow! I am impressed. And a bit jealous of your energy.

  5. Photographs are problematic because of the spaces involved and the large negative areas that your brain simply edits out as irrelevant information. Next time, climb up on a stool, just behind the floaty orange things and shoot down. Chang that angle to table level - shoot the lines of pies from a few inches above the first one - pies in a sweep, disappearing into the depth of field. Still. It looks great to me. And I'm just checking - what time do you want us to be there next year?

    Emily means (sorry) envious of your energy - I know that she means this because I am freaking envious of it, too - and jealous of my own, which is creeping these days.

    I have to tell you that the "as a woman of mature years" bit had me rolling on the floor. I have enough energy for that.


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