Sam's art on a book fair poster! True fame.

I've been seeing a bunch of Sam's art around lately and it makes me (yes, me) feel famous.  He didn't love the way this book (above) turned out so I don't think he was as excited as I was to see it on this poster at the boys' school, but come on!  It's cool!  Look at it, right on the same shelf as . . . let's see, Darth Paper Strikes Back and Super Fan?  "It's a reading celebration!"
Daisy goes for Super Fan

Neversink was one of the biggest (freelance) projects he's done so far (there were a bunch of interior illustrations, a map, a frontispiece, chapter headings, and so forth) so it was really awesome to get some finished copies in the mail a few weeks ago.  Sam was pleased to have something to page through and heft (usually his art ends up more . . . intangible), and I just can't stop looking at it.  I know how many hours it took, but the finished product is so beautiful, it still seems like magic.  Amazing.
Will we act out this scene whenever we pick up one of these books? Naturally, yes.  "There is a groundbreaking new work . . . ah!"


  1. Ah yes, but is the book worth reading? :)

  2. I've just put this on my next book order for the library. Can't wait to see it in the flesh (so to speak).

  3. Andrea: I haven't read the final version yet, but the draft I read was pretty good. I thought the characters were fairly well-developed and the plot was entertaining, if kind of silly in parts. My 9-year-old son loved it.

    I thought the Ghost Buddy one (it's a series; Sam's doing the third one now, but I only read #1) was okay too--that one was definitely silly, though. And a younger audience, maybe.

    Melissa: good! You have all power in that library!

  4. Yes, I used to know that feeling. The sound of a spine newly stressed as you open the book. The perfect cover without any finger prints or cramped edges. TOO BAD HE DOESN"T WORK FOR FREE. I could keep him busy. Well, not really. A book is a magical thing.


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