More daffodils

You might think we'd have had our fill of daffodils. But if so, you underestimate us. Or should I say, "me." I just don't tire of them . . . not yet, anyway. And the children don't ever say no to a chance to run around outside!
The colors of this hyacinth remind me of popcorn. Yum!

I love the light in springtime when the trees are just beginning to get green. (Am I always saying this?) These three pictures all show it: the illuminated edges of leaf and petal; the light that seems to emanate from within each plant.

For now, the action is all below---but soon the branches above will be bursting with life too

At one point, Daisy yelped out from her stroller, "I saw my tiny penguin!!" We thought she was just trying to imitate her brothers (we'd just been talking about how we wished we could see a bunny again) but then she pointed to this little quail running across our path. Who DID look like her tiny penguin! We didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't one, so we henceforth referred to the quail as "penguins" too.

The tiny penguin in question

This is what happens when you tell these children to "go run around"

Spiky daffodils


  1. Popcorn hyacinthes - what a great name! And yes, you always say it, the way I always shoot my own daffs and tulips and the family around the table. We are lucky, to love things that happen over and over again, to have second and third and thirtieth times to see. I hope you post shots like this forever.

  2. I will never tire of your flower pictures! And I love the tiny penguin. We have flocks of them down here in St. George--flocks. My grandma used to say that they looked like funny old ladies running around with their hats on.


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