We went to Colorado for a long weekend for our anniversary this year. (With our trusty sidekick Juniper.) We stayed one night in Aspen, which was really beautiful. (I used to want to name a daughter Aspen, not for the town but for the tree. I love Aspen trees.) It was so lovely and early-spring-ish high up there in the mountains! We did a little bit of easy hiking. Have you heard of the Maroon Bells?
They are these mountains. They have a sort of reddish color, but I don't know why "bells." Their shape?
[Taken through Sam's sunglasses. We don't have a polarized lens filter. :)]
A yellow violet! (If you can believe in such a thing.)

It was amazing to see these delicate, frothy greens at the top of the mountain---
made by these little baby leaves---
and then to drive down a few thousand feet and see these bright, robust greens growing just minutes away.

So gorgeous.

Outside of Denver, we went to the Butterfly Pavilion, which is sort of a small little place we weren't sure would be worth visiting. But it was. We loved it! Junie was quite interested in all the butterflies.
The best part was that the butterflies would land on me! I don't know why they were so bold (I've been to other butterfly exhibits where they are quite fluttery and shy; you can hardly get a picture of them), but if I held out my fingers very slowly, they'd fly right on. It was tickly and exhilarating. They are so delicate!

This guy is my favorite. Here is the outside of his wings---

and here is the inside!! Such a vibrant blue. I don't think I've ever seen one of these in real life before.

Junie was also pleased with the fish (there were just a few) at this same place.

Our hotel was awesome---such a pretty atrium inside, and we knew our other kids would want a picture of the glass-sided elevator

We also really loved the Denver Botanical Gardens. We make a point of visiting gardens wherever we go, if possible, and these were some of the best we've seen. Very extensive and varied. The tropical greenhouse (not pictured here) was amazing.

I love these carefully planned viewpoints within the Japanese garden. We also loved the organic-looking, carefully-placed stones (evoking a feeling that you were walking on solid waves).

A wooded garden

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  1. What a lovely journey. I bet they were named for their shape - I could see it easily. Your favorite butterfly was mine, too, but the one after was amazing also. Makes me wish to do a weaving or a stained glass window based on those wings - and that blue - cheaty, I think - such a gorgeous design on the low side and then that flash on the top. You always find the lovely places - it's a same soul-attraction thing I think. Perhaps you were on the tree design committee at creation. It's possible. I mean, look how well you've done with children -


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