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You know how sometimes you wake up not remembering what day it was?  The other morning I came out of a dream the most disoriented I have ever been.  I truly couldn't remember how old I was.  Where and when was I?  Was I a teenager?  College-age?  It was the weirdest feeling, gradually coming back to reality.  "Oh yeah . . . I have five kids."

Sometimes I see trucks with "MACK" on the front of them, and I always---every time---think how much I would rather die in an accident with any other brand (?) of truck.  "How did she die?" "She was hit by a Mack Truck."  It sounds like a punchline.

Do you ever have a hard time telling the difference between cold and wet?  If you say no I might not believe you. I find it is a common human failing (although I myself have an uncommon capacity for distinguishing the two, of course).

I greatly underestimated how much time I would spend as a parent attempting to get my kids to speak at the appropriate volume.  Half the time they are too loud, unless I start asking them "What did you say?" Then they get softer and softer until they're impossible to hear.

I also figured that being an adult would be great because I could always do all the fun things I wanted. But I didn't expect the part where half the time I have to force myself to do something fun (as opposed to, say, sleeping) because I know I'll be happy about it later.


  1. "force myself to do something fun"--dead on.

  2. I also underestimated how much of the time I'd be telling the kids to quiet down, while yelling myself.

  3. I love your random thoughts! I have nothing to add -- too much forced fun and not enough sleeping makes my mind garbled. :)

  4. THOSE EYES!!!

    That must have been an almost painful snapping-in of paradigm - from not knowing what age you are to five children. Not painful as in bad - just as in a very loud click.

    Horses do fine in the cold. The reasonable cold. And they are fairly waterproof. But cold and wet together can kill them. Elementally speaking, cold and wet are very close cousins - perhaps because of evaporation? Wet means your skin will soon be cold - or maybe because the process starts the second wet hits you?

    I just had a talk with my son about this yesterday. Discipline, by the way, Sam—you get scarier the more quiet and intense your tone gets - especially when you ACT right away instead of counting to three by thirds.

    I am sitting in the heart of your last paragraph. I live in it. I am totally puzzled by it.

  5. I am the one who can't tell cold from wet. Remember how many times you patiently pointed out to me that the PHS lawn was just cold, not wet, whenever we'd sit out there for lunch? I would say you were right 99 percent of the time. Every now and then I would have some dampness on my seat though. :-)

  6. Ha! Yes, Rachael, I remember our many discussions on the subject. :)


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