When I was little, my aunt crocheted me a little purse that turned into a bassinet for a tiny baby doll. I loved it, so a few years ago I reverse-engineered a pattern and have since made several of them. The trouble is finding babies small enough to go inside. This last time I finally just crocheted my own (rather alarming-looking, I must say) little stuffed baby.  Daisy really, really loved him, but he was going to be a gift, so she had to give him up.

Back in January or so, we had watched Wall-E for movie night, and everyone has been playing robot ever since.  (Abe is Bear-E, Seb is Monk-E, Malachi is Birda, and Daisy is just "Robop." It's a very useful pretend-play subject, because robots are very good, tireless, cleaners and workers--as I like to point out.)  Anyway, when Malachi saw the crocheted baby I made, he thought it looked like Eva from Wall-E.  (We call her Eva, of course, instead of Eve.) And he wanted me to make one for him, so I did.
Then, Daisy loved Malachi's Eva SO much that I had to make her one of her own. She calls her "E-ba" and she goes everywhere with her. EVERYWHERE. I never would have imagined anyone forming such attachment to this sort of strange-looking, fuzzy robot, but there you are.
She loves tiny Eba as much as she loves tiny Penguin---which is really saying something!


  1. Oh, Mar - somehow, you got stuck in the wrong place on my reader. Not that I've been readying. I'm finishing up the layout on the book - the last two days, about twenty hours of arguing with a "word-processor" that talks back. So I haven't been reading anything but maybe manuals. So I got up this morning to check the reader, and as I sit, staring numbly and drowsily at the screen, I find your blog line down in the entirely wrong, almost unvisited country. Which hurts my heart. I love Eva and Eba and Daisy and Seb and everybody. And that you do everything you do and still have the time and ability to crochet robots. You really are Some Pig.


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