Summer picnic

 Went up to Silver Lake for a picnic and to find wildflowers with these little chickadees.

Such a beautiful day!

Children in various stages of hungriness

I love to watch boys and girls finding sticks and hiding under bushes and throwing rocks in streams. They all do it so naturally, and it feels like what they should be doing! Doesn't it?

Lying on my back and looking at the sky is one of my great pleasures in life. (However, it didn't last long, as there was a scary, carrot-faced baby on the prowl.)

These are my favorite two pictures of all. Sweet Malachi helping his sister up the steep hill. He is such a good big brother!


  1. Malachi is one of my favorites. But then, all of your children are one of my favorites. How do you find such wonderful places? And time? And energy? I always come away from you refreshed.

  2. I love Silver Lake. What a fun outing!

  3. These pictures of you and your little family seem like they came from the pages of a beautiful children's book. Your kids always seem like little timeless characters doing timeless things, like gazing at the sky and finding sticks. And it's because of their timeless mother. I love you!


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