Cecret Lake Wildflowers

We went up Little Cottonwood Canyon last weekend to see the wildflowers. I had read that they were really spectacular up in the Albion Basin at the end of July/beginning of August, but I was afraid that because I was looking forward to it so much, maybe I'd end up being disappointed. Luckily, I wasn't---the flowers more than lived up to my hopes, and we couldn't have asked for a lovelier day. (Although I could, maybe, have asked for a better baby backpack---ours is not really made for hiking. I'd like to get a new one. But I shouldn't complain; Sam's the one that carried our picnic food, which was probably heavier and definitely less cute.) It was sunny and beautiful as we hiked up, and then some light cloud cover moved over as we had our picnic up at the top. Just as we drove home, there were a few light sprinkles of rain. It was beautiful.
We did the Cecret Lake hike, which was great for everyone---even Daisy made it up on her own two feet. There were a few steep switchbacks at the end, but nothing too bad. It's a great trail, going through beautiful flower-filled meadows all the way up. We had our trusty wildflower book and identified everything we saw.
Our picnic spot. Can you see tiny Sam and the children?

When she was finally freed from the backpack, Junie got very dirty, and kept trying to dip rocks into the apple dip. She only succeeded a few times.

Elephanthead! Our favorite flower.

Cecret Lake

Sebby has a paper plate under his shirt. Just in case you were wondering.

Sebby scurried around finding rocks until he had a rainbow of colors


  1. Elephant's Head is one of my favorites too.

  2. I love my Kelty backpack. It is definitely made for hiking! If you're looking to upgrade you can often find them gently-used on KSL.

  3. Wow - this is beautiful I want to want to go there too. But I never do go anywhere. Which is why I love your pictures so much. I'd ride my horse up there, but then the wildflowers are ever so far down there below my little eyes, and the effect is not the same.


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