Summer randomness

I love this Abey-boy.  So does the rest of the family. He is getting so big! Last time we went to IKEA, he was too tall to go into the playroom! They let him in for one last time, but it was a strangely sad feeling for me. I can't believe he's gotten so big. It's true though, he's less of a "playground" kind of guy now, and more of a "toss a frisbee or a football" kind of guy. I remember when my nephew made that transition. It seemed like such a faraway time for my own kids, but now it's here. How odd!
My friend gave us this huge box of blueberries they picked fresh in Oregon. They were huge, juicy, and wonderful. I've never had blueberries fresh-picked before, and they almost tasted like a different fruit. SO good!

There's been plenty of carwash play going on around here. The children have all kinds of elaborate rituals as they go through it. My favorite part is when they pull off these paint rollers and dry each other with them (while making loud whooshing dryer sounds, of course).

I love sitting outside on summer evenings, watching the kids run around the yard under the beautiful sky

This is my favorite picture of the night. Daisy tossing a piece of paper into the air, for unknown reasons.

We found this katydid in our house, and I got him to hop onto my arm so I could carry him outside. He was so cute!

We had left the ladder out Saturday morning, intending to use it to climb up and dust the ledges. We got distracted by the Olympics and when Sam went back upstairs, this is what he saw! Babies are not supposed to climb up ladders.  Anyway, "This is not a step!" Can't she read?

Some pretty sunsets


  1. Naturally, I went first for the camera.

  2. Wow, I am astonished Abe is so big. Of course, it's inevitable but it is a little shocking nonetheless.

    Whenever I see a particularly colorful sunset I think "Sam could paint that."

  3. You can see in Abe the man he will be. And the tenderness in the way he and the other children interact is precious beyond words. All of the pictures have that sweet peace that comes with a true summer evening. We have lost that evening time - just the two of us to sit out - no one to watch, no voices laughing and calling. And the mosquitos chase us indoors at dusk, which is the fire-fly time, the best time.

    Daisy and the paper - wonderful = All of it - wonderful.

  4. You guys are so awesome. Who would have thought of making a kids' carwash for sprinkler fun? Why do we not live on your street.


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