A walker, a campfire, and some lovely marshmallows

This is the walker. She is unsteady, but increasingly determined. Thank goodness, as she has gotten very heavy these past few months!
Sometimes she sits
She finds a better place to sit . . . 
and is joined by another sitter.
Sebby, King of the Mountain
Four children sitting in their "house" (this was the dining room)
She has things to say about the campfire.
She grins the fake "camera smile." I do believe this is the first time she has done this, but I know the smile itself well, having seen it on four other little monkeys.
There is some serious and important business going on, however. Serious marshmallow business.
About to pay perfectly browned dividends.
Sebby reacts to something with amazement
The walker, having dazzled everyone with her walking, begins to go through the rest of her repertoire.
The fire flares up, to general joy and astonishment
Sparks rise, and are marveled at
And finally, under the last rosy light on the mountaintops, we reluctantly head home

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  1. Lovely. I sit in the gray morning light and remember other such trips, one of which involved a little family huddled in the tent as a skunk made the rounds of the rest of the camping area. Actually, now I long for a campfire. We even have a fire ring in the back yard. But not enough of one to make fire a good idea these days. Faces by firelight. Muddy knees on new walkers. Camera smiles. You are doing the family thing just right.


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