Snowbird Tram

After several years of driving by and saying, "That looks fun!", I finally took the kids up to Snowbird to ride the tram. We loved it. It goes all the way up to the top of a mountain, 11,000 feet. There's been such a haze of smoke in the air lately, and even though I think it was still lingering around, we felt like we were above it all up there. The views were hazy but gorgeous.
As we rode the tram, it was so pretty to look down and see the colored leaves below---like a quilt.

And our little shadow.
And the drive through the canyon was just as spectacular. A couple weeks ago the leaves seemed dull and I was afraid something about the drought had affected the colors.

But apparently not!

These reds against the greens were so beautiful!

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    We drove up to Sundance this morning to show a friend from Virginia the mountains. And I was SO wrong about missing the peak. Holy cats, it was GORGEOUS up there. And so cathartic.


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