Random Thoughts

You know these popcorn-glove Halloween party favors? That's what my feet look like right now. (Slightly less bumpy; shorter toes.)

I recently read that Niels Bohr's response to Einstein's famous "God does not play dice with the universe" quote was: "Stop telling God what to do." Ha.

Sam, upon being handed one of those travel toothbrushes (the kind that folds in half): "How do you deploy it?"

I spent two hours today untangling this thing ^. No one believed I could do it. It may be my greatest life accomplishment (to date). While I was working on it I kept hoping someone would ask me to do something else, so that I could reply, "I am doing a great work and I cannot come down." But no such luck.

Something that made me suddenly self-conscious the other day: gesturing with my hands in what seemed like a non-outlandish way, but as I happened to be wearing oven mitts at the time, the ridiculousness of it seemed suddenly rather prominent.


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  1. I envy you this post. Everything in my life lately has been unremarkable or too heavy. I am passing, I suppose through a sort of individual gray hole in the universe, and my features are all being sort of pulled out - like taffy. But I am certainly smiling now.


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