When I took a Floral Design class in college, my teacher told us something to the effect of "Don't be scared to experiment, because you can't really mess it up---flowers look pretty no matter what you do with them!" I love that she told us that, because it emboldened me to do things like arrange my own (very simple) flowers for my wedding, and I've even done the flowers for a couple other people's weddings. I don't REALLY know what I'm doing (and if I want to do something more avant-garde I usually need to look at pictures) but I did temp work at a floral shop for a while and I loved it. Anyway, for our anniversary this year Sam brought me armfuls and armfuls of flowers.  Not pre-arranged bouquets, but just bunches of various flowers, and greenery. I used practically every vase we have (not to mention other things like orange juice pitchers) and arranged them to my heart's content. It was wonderful. Usually you don't have much variety to work with if you get a store-bought bouquet (and the cutting flowers in my yard, sadly, are limited) but this time I felt like I could experiment with all kinds of things. It was so fun!
I like this one. Rainbow. :)

Our house felt like a greenhouse when I was done, and we've been enjoying them all week. So pretty!

That night Sam and I went on a date and came home to the children sweetly playing games together after having had Abe give them a little Family Night lesson:
So, it was pretty much a perfect day. Thank you, Sam dear. They've been such happy years!


  1. I LOVE THEM ALL. But I love the rainbow best. No, best - I love that Sam knows you well enough to give you such a gift. Actually, I'd have been deeply surprised if you weren't good at this kind of thing. You are very good at grace.

    "My heart's content." That is a rare gift indeed.

  2. Speaking from a professional point of view (as the daughter of a floral design teacher), your bouquets are beautiful! What a beautiful gift, and how fun! Some day when we are next-door neighbors, let's get together and arrange flowers--I miss the smell. People probably think I'm strange in Costco when I stop and smell the flowers.


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