I'm not even attempting, at this point, to see the larger picture. I'm just letting life wash me along, happy enough to have fragments of thought every so often. I'm reading book after book. I don't often know what day it is. I keep remembering things I need to do and then, immediately, forgetting them. I don't really mind. Anything important will drift into my brain again, eventually, right? Meanwhile I snuggle this tiny one, and laugh when her wet mouth turns and bites me as I kiss her cheek.

A few pictures I've been meaning to post:
What I like about this picture is Junie's pure, open-mouthed delight as she hangs from the bar. She didn't even care about the slide except as a means to get down so she could get up again and hang from the bar. I guess all her practice hanging from Malachi's bunk bed is paying off.

Pretty rainbows.

Two girls saying "hi"

Some game Seb made up called "Monkey Monkey Posy." What I like is how Junie is clearly a full participant. She thinks she's one of the big kids. Is she?

Oh, this handsome Sebby-boy. Getting so big.

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  1. So funny to be thinking of the June Bug as the Big Girl. YOur baby and MY baby are both the most adorable babies in the world. We can't help that truth, and I'm not going to apologize for it. But your children are, at the present moment, cuter than MY children, who are too dignified anymore to be thought cute. Except for Murphy, who does not believe in dignity.


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