Rainbow Jello revisited

Sometimes, when the occasion warrants, I make this rainbow layered jello. (Most recently, we had it for our Longest-Day-of-the-Year Party.) It's one of the prettiest foods I know how to make. I posted the recipe here, but I'm going to post it again because these pictures are better (blue layer!).* I did make it once with purple too, but this time I ran out of time and pan space.

I had the idea that I could make this in plastic cups, then pop it out upside-down and have sort of individual jello volcanos. It worked, sort of (very wiggly, precarious volcanos), though I think it would work better with very small cups---but what I really liked was the way it looked while still inside this clear cup. I'd like to do this for a picnic sometime: little individual rainbow jello cups for everyone. Fun!
Usually I only go up through green, but I really like the blue layer on top---it looks like water, doesn't it? I love the watery reflections you can see through the jello, and on the plate, in this picture.

Of course certain people prefer to eat it like this ^^^

Rainbow Layered Jello

1 6-oz. package red jello, any flavor
1 6-oz. package orange jello
1 6-oz. package yellow jello
1 6-oz package green jello
1 6-oz. package blue jello
5 c. plain yogurt or sour cream

Remember to start making this early. If you want it done by dinnertime, you should start it in the morning. Or make it the day before.

Mix red jello with two cups boiling water until all the jello powder is dissolved. Take out ½ cup of this jello mixture and, in a separate bowl, combine it with 1 cup yogurt. This is your creamy layer. Pour it into a 9x13 glass pan and refrigerate until set, about ½ hour–45 minutes. 

Once creamy layer is set, pour remaining 1 ½ cups (or so) of red jello over the top of it and refrigerate that until set. (The clear layer usually sets faster.) I "break the fall"of the jello with a spoon as I pour it, so the force of it won't poke a hole in the creamy layer.

Repeat process with orange, yellow, green, and blue jello, alternating clear and creamy layers.

You can half the recipe (using small 3-oz. jello packages) and use a smaller casserole pan, if desired.
*The ISFAJ would be pleased.

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  1. Danged if I didn't follow the link and forget to comment. I want some. Have I ever said that before in a comment? Because, well - yeah. But this, I can possibly make. Maybe for the 4th of July. Regardless of the new political slant on rainbows, which I reject and eschew. The 4th is a day for rebellion, is it not? And goodies? (She smiles, cat-like.)


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