Longest Day Party

I always feel an obligation not to waste one minute of daylight on the Longest Day of the Year. It's my brother's birthday, and I always wished it was MY birthday---you can do so many fun things on that day (as opposed to February, when you can basically just have a piece of cake and then go to bed). I love waiting out the end of the daylight, sitting out on the porch or lying on the grass or throwing a football around until it gets dark. So, we always find a way to do something celebratory. Sometimes we go up the canyon, but this year we just had a picnic in our backyard, and played at a playground till dark. It was perfect.

Blueberry-lavender lemonade, bread and artichoke dip, rainbow layered jello, cheese and almond platter, ginger lemonade, chips and guacamole and salsa. And Abe.

The boys made welcome signs (Sebby was so proud of the "joke" in his sign: he drew sums all around the "sum" in "sum"er)

It was, oddly, quite chilly out. Not REALLY chilly, but windy, and Marigold needed to be bundled.

One good thing about having such a big family is that we can fill out a whole party all by ourselves. :)

These roses are particularly nice right now, as are the daisies

"Daisy, stand over here by the daisies."
"Shall I hug them?"
" . . . ?"

We made popsicles out of smoothie. Yum.

And we played outside till sunset.
Then we called Philip and sang Happy Birthday to him.
Hooray for the Longest Day!


  1. I like the picture of me holding the balloons!

  2. which one is junie which daisy?!

  3. They are twins, aren't they! :)

  4. Can't sleep. Too humid and hot - which sort of spoils the thunderstorm we finally have going. But this was a most satisfying read. I find myself wishing I were one of the kids. I'd have loved that party. As it was, the day came and went without notice here. Too busy trying to keep the horses from fainting in the heat. Still - I have "relived" it tonight in spirit, which just might allow me to go back upstairs and lie more easily in my bed.


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