Eight of us

We took some family pictures on Marigold's blessing day. As you no doubt know, any picture where everyone is facing in the general direction of the camera, wearing a mildly pleasant facial expression, is a success. Babies are exempted---they just have to be present. So I consider these pictures quite successful.

However, I had even more fun combing through the unsuccessful pictures:

Marigold only looks sentient in one picture: this one with Sam. ^^

We did get her to smile later, though! :)


  1. Most definitely a success. And wait a minute--is Marigold's hair turning the tiniest bit red?!?! I am so excited! It would be perfect with her name! As would blond, in case I'm wrong. :)

  2. Oh, she's got the smile! Yipee!! Call me and I'll take a mess of family shots for you some time; it'd be crazy fun. And why didn't I ever think of combing through? I've got to go through last year's Whole Family Extravaganza and do the same thing. Mucho fun!


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