Scrubbly Bubbly

We've had the carwash out a lot lately, as it's been so hot. It does my heart good to see the kids playing in it. It feels like what summer SHOULD be. (For instructions/pictures of how we made the carwash, see here.) This is its third summer in use, and although parts of it are faded, and dirtier, it's still going strong (we take it apart and store it in the garage during the winter).
I don't know why Daisy's the only one I have a picture of here. Probably she's the only one that would stand still. I think she has such pretty eyes!

Smoothie break

I love these pictures of Junie squinching up her shoulders when the water hits her :)


  1. I was noticing when I was trying to take candid shots of all the kids at one of the Nelson family events that our kids were the only ones that would turn and smile for the camera every time. That would have been a lot nicer if I wasn't trying to take "candid" shots of them playing.

  2. i like how junie is all squinched up in the carwash!

  3. I'll bet all the neighbor kids love you guys! I know my kids would be in heaven . . . I remember back when your boys were little and would make pretend carwashes--how fun that you made it into something everyone could enjoy!

  4. I gotta make one of these. I imagine the memories grandkids would take home if one of these showed up on my driveway one year. Always makes me grin.


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