Candlelight, angel-light, firelight, starglow*

Tree-shaped stars!
December raced by so fast this year that many of our traditions had to be sort of incidental---things happening on the way to other things, or sandwiched in between other things. Luckily I get great satisfaction from efficiency, so combining trips feels like a benefit rather than a drawback. :) I was particularly happy that one of the boys' choir performances in Salt Lake fell on the last (relatively) warm day before the dark winter descended, so after the performance, we enjoyed the downtown lights in (relative) comfort.
Cute little choirboys

City Creek (we love this fountain)

The kids liked being enveloped in colored light

We love luminarias

This is cool---one tree covered in red lights, the other just secondarily lit-up with red. You can hardly see the difference!

December is a month in which I really enjoy a big snowfall. This one was beautiful. 

Santa Lucia day

I thought this was the cutest way ever to designate the recipient and giver of a present (Sebby made it for Marigold)

Christmas Eve dinner

*I've always loved the John Rutter song with those words---he slips "angel-light" in so casually, like it's something we might see ourselves someday. Love the unexpected way he changes "light" to "glow" at the end, too.

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