Small things

I've been crocheting like a madwoman the last few months. I love to have something relatively mindless to work on while I'm doing something else! And these are especially fun because they are small and come together quickly. I made these little Star Wars people into Christmas ornaments and gave them away. It was quite hard to part with them, especially Yoda (whom Junie calls "Yota"). I got the adorable patterns on Etsy. I have the jawa too, but I haven't made him yet.

I made a nativity set too, which was really fun. I love the kings holding their ball-y gifts! My friend Rachael said she couldn't even conceive of what a crocheted nativity set would look like. Now you know!

The kids love playing with them, especially Daisy, who also has the failed Princess Leia and the strange-looking thumb-Baby that I made. She loves them, poor misshapen things that they are.

I'm learning a lot by making these, too, and getting better as I go. It's interesting how whenever you start doing a lot of something, you realize how much you still have to learn about it. I'm so grateful for online tutorials! They help fill the void left by my dear departed grandmother, who died before she could teach me to crochet. Of course, my mother taught me to knit when I was young and I've pretty much forgotten that, so I suppose even a live grandmother would be no guarantee of proficiency . . . :) I would like to re-learn knitting someday, but it seems so complicated . . . TWO needles??!

I'm not sure about Mary's mouth. I might take it out and do it with a lighter pink. All the mouths have given me no end of trouble! It's hard to hide the ends and to get the placement right.

And a closer look at the Star Wars guys:


  1. Cowen was incredibly impressed by the Star Wars people and said, "Tell her to ship them to me."

    Your first order. :)

  2. These are unspeakably adorable! Beautiful work. You could totally knit, but you have your hands pretty full at the moment, so two needles is a lot.

  3. Oh my GRACE!! Trying to get to your actual blog where I am allowed to comment is like trooping through a rain forest. I can't remember who walked away with those guys - as I told you, I had to BUY G's tree back. I was going to give it to you, but Rachel wanted it, too - and you got Lind's fabulous spoon, so I didn't feel so very bad keeping it for myself. I have to remark that G's smile also has trouble with placement and loose-ends, and he manages by using a beard, as your Joseph does, so all is good. I have knitted actual sweaters in the past, but I didn't really get into it seriously until I learned that you could knit little magical animals - and that's where I really started to learn. You did a bang-up job, babe - but that's no surprise.


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